Evaluating a Trustee

As the Trust Creator you want to make sure you receive responsive attention to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.  Your trustee is someone that must be not only technically competent, but someone that you have full confidence in to administer your trust to the benefit of you and your beneficiaries.

A trustee needs to be a person who will:

  • Facilitate communication amongst the experts that comprise the trust team
  • Maintain independence and have no conflict of interest with legal or financial advice
  • Always keep the best interest of you and your desires at the forefront.
  • Say no when appropriate – if you want your beneficiary to have an education paid for, but the beneficiary would rather have a new car, the trustee must be willing to honor your wishes and give an unpopular decision to the beneficiary.
  • Have the skills to mediate and navigate between competing family dynamics
  • Harbor no favoritism to one beneficiary over another
  • Be deliberate in contemplation, but not be bogged down by bureaucracy.