Frequently Asked Questions about Trustees

Working with a trustee can bring up numerous questions for you and your family.  The following are a few of the questions that are frequently asked by my clients.

Are you insured?
Yes.  Kevin carries professional liability insurance for trustees

My trust was not created in Texas. Will it be taxed?
No.  Texas does not have an income tax and does not tax out of state trusts managed by an in state trustee.

I just need someone to help manage a parent or dependent’s bank account. Can you help?
Yes.  Being independent and able to customize services means Kevin can provide you with assistance in a variety of capacities including helping manage a checking account and preparing bills for payment.

I’m an attorney and my clients sometimes need help transferring assets to a revocable trust.  Is that part of what you do?
Yes.   Kevin’s goal is to work with his client’s advisors and on behalf of his clients to keep moving the process forward.  Whether it is transferring assets into a trust, filing a deed, opening a bank account or even just getting signatures on a paper, Kevin views it all as part and parcel of the service he provides.

Can you be the executor of my will?
Yes.   Kevin can serve as the executor of your estate.